Parent Testimonials

Here’s what some parents have to say about Granada Preschool:

“I am a working mother with four boys. Granada Preschool has provided an excellent education which has enriched my children’s quest for knowledge.”

“Choosing professional care givers became a real challenge. Why Granada Preschool?…Caring is their finest quality. Thank you for a good start in our son’s life.”
Hugo & Fran

“My daughter has been enrolled at Granada Preschool for two years and I could not be more thrilled with the program.”

“Granada Preschool has been an enriching and worthwhile experience which I can highly recommend to any parent.”

“We truly believe that our daughters are receiving the highest quality of care and a tremendous life experience that will be remembered forever.”
Mary Kaye & Daniel

“I always count my blessings and Granada Preschool is at the top of my list. You have done so much for our family all these years.”
Jeanie and Doug

“The children that have attended Granada Preschool have not only learned important information but they have also made lifelong friends and have priceless memories thanks to this organization.”

“For many children and their families past, present and future Granada Preschool will always be a secure and happy place with a loving, caring staff that is truly committed to creating respectful, responsible children that will become solid members of our communities.”
Leah and Curtis

“I am “SO HAPPY” that we came to Granada Preschool. My son is learning so much and he loves everyone.”
Denise B