Programs We Offer

We offer two special programs at Granada Preschool. These programs are provided to all the children at no additional cost. Parents are welcomed to observe either of these programs at any time.

“Music with Miss Misty”

Misty Kellogg works with each of our classes to expand the children’s knowledge and appreciation of music. As the children learn new songs they are also learning the notes of the scale, tone, volume, pitch and rhythm. Not only is this enjoyable for the children as they learn the new songs and improve their singing technique but scientific studies have shown that musical knowledge lays a foundation for later understanding of mathematical patterns and concepts. Misty is a classically trained musician with a MFA from CSUN. She is the musical director at one of our local churches.


“KidFit” is a physical education program specially designed for preschoolers. It is designed to entertain and engage children while instilling healthy lifestyle habits and teaching children how their bodies work. The children work on improving their coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and stamina. The classes are taught to music and use various props such as balls, scarves, bean bags and weights. “KidFit” instructors are trained in CPR and first aid.